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Thanks to Rostiben!

Rostiben presents Traslagirarrosto

Automatic cooking Arrosticini machine run by traditional charcoal.
The goodness of yesterday’s method respecting today’s health.


Skewers cooked to perfection

It allows you to get skewers cooked to perfection in a few minutes without fatigue and respects the recommendations for a healthy diet right from the cooking method


Eliminate waiting times

Eliminates the waiting time of customers with the continuous cycle thanks to the special mechanism transporting skewers


Enhances the quality of the meat

It guarantees a taste of the inimitable final product conferred only by cooking in charcoal, roasting avoiding that the burned fat smokes food contaminating it


Leggi Tgr 2.0

Loading and spillage of Arrosticini at continuous cycle , 10 to 13 Arrosticini per...

Leggi Tgr 1.4

Indoor ventilation and smoke extraction with outwards elimination through intermediate plant and...

Leggi Tgr 0.8

Automatic rotation of Arrosticini

No burnings and Production of carcinogenic PAH


  • Loading

    Loading and placing skewers with direct transport on the channel-furnace and spilling skewers in a continuous cycle.
    No manual housing required by other machinery on the market.
    No file and customer expectations

  • Internal ventilation

    Internal ventilation and fume extraction with external elimination through transit system and outlet pipe.
    No release of odors and toxic substances on food

  • Automatic rotation

    Automatic skewer rotation without burns and carcinogenic PAH production.
    Automatic sliding and entry-exit system "from raw to cooked" without constraints for the kitchen operator who can simultaneously do more.

  • Cooking times

    Cooking and temperature times adjustable and programmable with special controls.
    No courses with different cooking methods.

Roof and wheels

Loading chute

Translarotational system

Suction openings