Be well
and to do well
Thanks to Rostiben!

Rostiben presents


Automatic cooking Arrosticini machine run by traditional charcoal. The goodness of yesterday’s method respecting today’s health.

Behind a typical and unmistakable product lies

a traditional cooking to perfection method that not

everyone can ensure.

  • Roof and wheels
  • Loading chute
  • Translarotational system
  • Suction openings

Traslagirarrosto enhances the quality of the meat and respects the consumer's health. In fact, it roasts without allowing the burned fat to smoke food, contaminating it, and it ensures an even cooking sheltered from the risk of toxic substances ( PAH and amines ) produced when food is burned on the surface. *

The automatic cookers for Arrosticini must meet the needs of the operator/cook (speed , practicality of use ), but also those of the final consumer , from welfare to the pleasure for the palate( taste )

* PAHs ( polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ) are substances produced when cooking at high temperatures and from smoking , classified as " probable" or " possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Among them , benzo(a) pyrene has been proven carcinogenic to humans .